Roll #1: Match the format to the image

Why you are doing this assignment

Students sometimes forget that the camera can be turned on its side to produce vertical images. Occasionally, the vertical format matches the image far better than the horizontal format.

How to do this assignment

Your assignment is to take a roll of nothing but vertical images. Go on a treasure hunt for subjects that work as vertical images.

What to shoot

Of course, portraits of people almost always work best as verticals, but for this assignment, do not take any portraits. (Those will come in a later assignment.) CAUTION: avoid splitting the frame right through the center, with a vertical line or a horizontal line.

What your folder should contain

One contact sheet labeled “Roll #1”

What your assignment should look like

Aim for a contact sheet that contains

  • At least 20 visible images
  • At least 7 different subjects – no portraits
  • Vertical images appropriate to the subject matter