How to use


It’s easy. Just follow these logical steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “create account” in the upper right.
  3. Click on “new users” in the lower right.
  4. Under “create a new account” click on “student” and enter the following information:
  • class ID (posted on the board in our classroom)
  • class enrollment password (posted on the board in our classroom)
  • your first name
  • your last name
  • your KS email address. Use the KS address, please.



  • Use thisĀ  format: times or Hawaiian times font, 12 point size, double-spaced lines, one-inch margins, name, period and date in the upper right. Create a title and center it on the first page above the text.

  • Every word processing program allows users to “save as” and then offers a choice of different formats. The one common format shared by all programsĀ  is called “rich text format,” or RTF. When you finish writing, do a “save as” and select RTF as the format. Your document should then appear with an .rtf as its extension. Do this before you upload your file.


  • Go to, log in and select “submit paper.” You can then browse to the location of the RTF file on your computer and upload the paper to

  • WARNING #1: If you have multiple accounts with turnitin, be sure you are submitting work to this class.

  • WARNING #2: Once you select the paper, you must click on the “submit” button or the paper will not be submitted. Your verification is the confirmation email. If you do not receive the confirmation email, you have not submitted the paper. Go back and try again. Save your confirmation email, just in case there is any question about your paper having been turned in on time.